I do have some official collectibles. Unofficial recordings. Many pictures. Many memories. Soon I will share them here.

About the band.

This website is not officially endorsed. Purely a short expression of gratitude and dedication to the works of the band. The official website with lots and lots of words is available on www.thesistersofmercy.com. Chairman Bax presumably finds his occasional outlet as @tsomofficial on Twitter if he has something to tell us at all. People still cannot link to BaxCorp.

The Sisters… now. Ever forward.

As they describe themselves:

It howls.
It’s grindingly beautiful. 
It’s dangerously sentient. 
And it’s heading your way. 

The Sisters‘ fun juggernaut drives on through 2019, with a little new chrome and a lot of vintage attitude. 

It still comes from northern England. 
It still sounds like supercharged industrial psychedelia. 

We have some old songs, some new songs, a few blinding lights and very many smoke machines. 

People seem to like the colours. Or the energy. Or something. 

Metal Hammer says, „The Sisters Of Mercy are … a lean glittering groove machine for the New Millennium.“ 

That’s not going to stop us. 

The Sisters Of Mercy are: 

    Chris Catalyst – guitars
    Ben Christo – guitars
    Andrew Eldritch – vocals
    Nurse – nurse to the Doktor
    Doktor Avalanche – drum and bass

Chris Catalyst eats daleks, so he plays the guitar. 
Ben Christo loves you, so he plays the guitar. 
Andrew Eldritch would like to believe in redemption, so he sings the songs very quietly. 
Nurse is the right hand Of God. 
Doktor Avalanche is God.